Lounais-Suomen Taxidata Oy

LSTD Oy - one of Finland´s largest taxi centers - operates in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Rusko, Lieto, Paimio and Salo / Halikko, with more than 450 taxis.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Fleet

Our taxi fleet includes vechiles for 4 - 8 persons; sedans, station wagons, minivans and mini busses (max. 8 persons) and wheelchair accesible vehicles.

Ordering a Taxi by Phone

  • while in Turku area: please call (02)10041
  • from elsewhere in Finland: please call 0100 0041
  • from abroad: +358 600 14121

The price of the phone call is 1,17€ / call + local operator fees.

Ordering a Taxi with an App

Valopilkku smartphone application can be used to order a taxi. You can download it for free, registration costs the price of a text message. Ordering a taxi with the app is free. More information about the app can be found from the link: www.valopilkkutaksi.fi/en

When Calling for Taxi

•    Please mention the city and the address as precisely as possible.
•    Please mention all special requirements such as large number number of passengers, animals or large items (like skies), large number of luggage, wheelchair or other special assistance. This way we can send you the most suitable taxi.
•    Please place the taxi order well in advance since sometimes there can be a temporary shortage of available taxis. Rush hour, road works, even weather can sometimes cause delays in getting a taxi quickly.

Please note that all our calls are recorded for the purpose of developing our services and easing the investigation in possible problem situations.

Booking in Advance

To ensure you get a taxi in time, we recommend advance booking.
A booking needs to be placed no later than half an hour before the desired pick-up time, so that we can send a taxi in time. The fee for advance booking is at the moment 7,10 € (free of charge in Salo/Halikko area ).


All taxis will give you a receipt when asked.

Taxi Inspectors

If you feel you have been mistreated or wrongly charged, please contact a taxi inspector who will review the case and take required actions.

Lost property

Lost property you can ask directly from the taxi you travelled in (see the contact information in your receipt) or call the taxi center phone (02)10041.